Q: What devices does Wormhole support?
A: Wormhole App supports Windows PC and Mac, could mirror and control iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets etc.
Q: Is Wormhole App free?
A: Android related basic feature is free, Android advanced feature and iOS related feature require payment. The App has a 3-days free trial, and you can purchase it if satisfied.
Q: How to toggle input method and input language on iPhone?
A: Press Ctrl+Space or Option(Alt)+Space to toggle. Ensure that the system language input method is enabled, such as switching to Simplified Pinyin to input Chinese, and switching to English (US) to input English.
Q: How to toggle input method and input language on Android?
A: For the paid version of Wormhole, you can input directly using Computer's input method without setting up; for the free version of Wormhole, it's recommended to install Sogou input method or Google input method on mobile phone, and press Ctrl+Space or Option(Alt)+Space to switch input method or input language.
Q: Clicking on iPhone is inaccurate?
A: 1. Try to toggle Click Acceleration option;
2. The orientation must be locked to portrait on the iPhone;
3. Settings > Display&Brightness > Display Zoom should be Standard;
4. Tracking speed of Settings > General > Trackpad & Mouse should be at level 6;
5. If clicking is reversed on horizontal screen, please flip the screen up or down (180 degrees);
6. If still not solved, you can use Native iOS Cursor in Wormhole settings.
Q: The Wormhole on Windows PC has black borders or is a black screen?
A: Win 7 users please change Windows theme to Aero, Win 10 users please disable Hardware Rendering in Wormhole App Settings.
Q: Wormhole mirroring works but can't control?
A: PC should be Windows 10(minor version 1803) or above, PC must have Bluetooth and Bluetooth peripheral mode should be available. Most laptops meet the requirements while desktop PC depends. You don’t need to worry about it. Just download Wormhole and try it out. If the system is not compatible, you will be prompted.
Q: Why does screenmirror fail or show no device?
A: Please disable firewall and etc. If still no effect, try connecting PC to iOS hotspot then screenmirror. If it succeeds please check your network environment.
Q: Mouse wheel or trackpad swipe doesn't respond?
A: Please upgrade to the latest iOS
Q: Bluetooth connection failed
A: If bluetooth works abnormally, try the following:
1.  Forget bluetooth pairing both on PC and iOS;
2.  Reboot Wormhole, when the bluetooth guide page of Wormhole shows up,after 2 identical bluetooth device names show on phone,initiate bluetooth connection from iOS. If a bluetooth request shows up before you do any bluetooth connection operation, DO NOT click Confirm;
3.  If fail to discover 2 identical bluetooth, exit settings on phone then reopen;
4. If still fail, reboot PC.
Q: How to share clipboard and transfer files
A: Click File Icon on Wormhole dock and check the tutorial